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Quarantine Grocery List & Tip Sheet!

Quarantine Grocery List & Tip Sheet
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My career has been focused on helping people make healthier choices and great meals on a limited budget - teaching those in the community who need it most, building school gardens, working with non-profits and corporate partners to drive this change. The need for these efforts has always existed but have been exacerbated since Covid-19. More Americans are unemployed today than since the Great Depression which means more Americans are SNAP-eligible than ever before. While at the same time, more Americans are cooking at home as they're watching their budget and social-distancing..

It's no coincidence that canned goods, SPAM, and dried beans have been flying off the shelves since the crisis began. Shelf-stable items aren't only for those of us who may be receiving our groceries from a food pantry rather than the grocery store. In fact, most people are choosing pantry-stable items to reduce the number of trips they may need to make for food, choosing canned and dried proteins, vegetables, and dairy.

With these changes and the novelty these items may bring for many, I have created a quarantine-focused grocery list and tip sheet to make money-saving, time-saving, and meal-planning easier during this time. Less money, less time, less trips to the grocery store. Win-win-win!

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